Monday, March 14, 2011

No Bullsh*t here... this is me

Wow- is it really Monday already?? Surprisingly with the time change and all, I’m not that tired?  Maybe a tall bold coffee from Starbucks was a factor J  Why is it that when I make my own coffee, it NEVER comes out the way I want it to?  It’s either not strong enough, I add to much water, not enough, add too much creamer, Splenda (I hate that crap, but I’m scared of regular sugar!).  I just tell myself if I had a really good cup of strong coffee in the morning while driving, I’d be so much more productive!  It’s only $1.62 and I only go about 3 times a week so it’s not really a big deal to me.  Definitely worth it, especially when I start waking up at stupid O’clock aka 4am to run next week! I can’t do after work runs.  I have stomach issues… and the 45 minute commute home get me really lazy (no BS here).  That’s how I like to talk myself into not feeling guilty about spending money on Coffee when I can easily make it at home.
Let’s start with the weekend- Friday night, this happened.

Saturday was a real busy day!  Started off with Spin class and ended with a 5 mile run.  Spin was awesome, but I think the Margarita was effecting me.  I had no energy and speed was killing me!  The run went a lot better though.  It was slow easy and warm out and I enjoyed every single minute of it.  Not too many of those left in Houston, so I have to take full advantage of the good runs.  Once the heat gets here, it’s going to be miserable! It’ll only make me stronger right??? (Let me lie to myself!).  Later that night we went to a friend’s brothers 30th b-day party.  It felt a little weird at first because I only knew 2 people there and everyone was in their own world.  Eventually the jello shots and vodka/sprite kicked in and I was having the time of my life.  I love this pic- me & the love of my life who desperately needs a haircut.

Oh the power of alcohol, you can only imagine how I was feeling the next day… yikes! Which makes Sunday unproductive.  The day was spent being a lazy bum all day instead of cleaning the house.  I did manage to get Grocery Shopping and laundry done yay!  (all the junk is his, healthy is mine and I'll probably eat some of his junk too :P)

He did pick this out, I almost shed a tear. (He tried it and hated it, made me eat the rest. It was ok, I probably won't buy this again).

Oh sh*t the laundry is still in the dryer hahah… great, now we’ll have wrinkly clothes, unless I turn the dryer on again?  Does anyone do that?  So here I am proclaiming my laziness for the world to see.  I promise I’m not this bad.  It’s only when I’m around an open bar and somehow convince myself that I’m 21 again. Ok now I sound like I have an alcohol problem too lol, I swear I don’t. :P  Hey yall are gonna get to know the REAL me.  I’m not perfect and I love how I am.  Booze, food and friends make me happy (not in that order of course).  However, I KNOW that if I want to lose these damn 10 lbs I need to cut out the margaritas and wine every weekend.  It’s ok because marathon training is coming.  When I was training, I hardly drank and I loved it… I guess I’m just getting it out of my system.  That’s when I replaced beer with Cupcakes.  I miss my carb loading excuses hehe.  Ok ok so I’m bad, I’m trying to fix it.  Sometimes I’m weak and that’s ok because I’ll become stronger (someday?).
I did read a couple chapters from this book- (see not that lazy)
I love it, I’m hooked, I can’t wait to read it tonight.  That’s if I have time because I’ll be at spin class until 7:30, making dinner and folding the laundry. Haha I’m such a procrastinator too.  I’m also an impulsive shopper.  I bought this knowing I shouldn’t have, it’s too cute.  Plus, I have to look good while racing right? ;) (there I go justifying again).

Look how small my apple is! It’s so cute, but I need to eat like 5 of these to fill me up haha…

Any who, I’ll be doing the 30 day post challenge today I can’t wait to see what I have to say about it.  So yeah, I just showed you all of my weaknesses pretty much and I love it! Ok this post was all sorts of randomness and didn't plan on saying half the things I did. Loves it. Happy Monday!



  1. The pic of you and your love is adorable!!!! Love it!!

    I know how it feels after a night of too much drinking, I cant do that anymore, lol! I rarely do have nights like that ; )

    U will LOVE that Lululemon shirt, I have 4 of those and love love love them!! Woot Woot!

    Have a great day girl! xoxoxo <3

  2. I just bought a new running tank - I kept eying it at every Academy I went to and then I somehow justified it yesterday.

    I need to get into the morning running thing. For some reason my body seems to prefer the evening running lately. It's cooler in the morning, though, and I have fresh legs, so I need to get over the lazy thing and just do it.

    Sounds like a fun weekend. I love how your apple has a heart bite! ha!


  3. oh and I don't know why I wrote "thanks" other than I got distracted cuz I'm at work - ha! =D

  4. I love the pic of you and your boy too! At least you got the necessary evil chores out of the way eventhough you weren't feeling it!

    You should totally sign up for the Cupcake marathon!!