Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#28- Something I miss

Come run walk with me down memory lane.  Let's do #28 This topic couldn't have been more applicable to me because I have a billion things I miss.  A small history of Simi:  I'm from San Diego, CA and moved away 2 years ago (in 2 weeks to be exact), I'm 100% California minus the beach blonde hair and hippy ways.  I'm currently living in Houston, TX ... why you ask? because of him...
You guys will get a post on how we met, it's quite interesting so stay tuned... 
So of course I have so many things I miss, but living out here has made me realize what I don't miss.  So let's go down the list of things I miss most.
My friends (duh right?) This was at my 26th bday I think.

Most of us went to High school together and we always partied on the weekends.  Went to tons of clubs, bars, happy hours, house parties, etc... Some of the best times of my life were with these girls and I truly miss having lots of friends to go out and have so much fun with.  They are wild and always the life of the party, everyone was always happy to have us around hehe.
Not only do I miss my friends, I miss my best friends (most of all).  I love my friends here, but I miss having that 1 best friend I can hang out with 24/7, talk about anything and everything, being myself 100% of the time and laughing at my stupid jokes. This is my best friend Stephanie, she now lives in El Paso and I miss her dearly, but we email/text/call each other everyday.

My other BEST friend who lives in LA- Ruben

I can be absolutley silly with him and he doesn't mind hehe.  We have so much to talk and joke about and can be with each other all day.  I sure miss seeing him every weekend and making fun of people. :) I wish I had a Ruben in Houston.

Next on my list is Running in San Diego.  This is my old running trail right behind my parents house in San Diego.

I miss seeing mountains from my bedroom, running by the lake, being able to hear the sound of Nothing, seeing the modern mansions.  That one has been under construction for 3 years now! Aside from running by the mountains, running by the beach is my favorite past time.  It's like I'm a different world...
That brings me to Home.. I miss home. It's clean, beautiful and amazing.  I'll let pictures do a little explaining although they won't do it any justice.

                                   California has the best sunsets anyone will ever see.  Promise.

Last and most importantly- my family.
It's so hard not being able to see my parents and brother on a daily basis.  It took me this long to adjust not being around them, but it's still really hard.

Making this post was fun and emotional, if you can tell I really love everything I miss and not having it around is hard.  It's also made me appreciate everything I had/have and I now see it a little different when I see it in words.  I guess that's why I'm blogging right?
My bf does everything and anything he can to make me happy and support me when I get sad. He's just awesome and that's why I'm here. ;)  I can't wait to visit San Diego in June now only this time I'll have lots of pics to post and stories to tell.

What are some things you miss?


  1. What a wonderful post, Simi! San Diego is gorgeous, you have beautiful friends, and a lovely family! I can see why you miss everything so much.

    Can't wait to hear how you and your bf met! You guys look so great together!

    I would tell you what I misss, but you know it's coming up in a blog post...eventually! ha! =D

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, friend!

  2. I can't imagine now being around my family on a daily basis--that must be really hard!

    Luckily, you have an awesome boyfriend to make you feel better!! :)

  3. I so feel you here!!! I MISS MY HOME and FAMILY so very much! I am in Eastern WA and from Nebraska--I wish I was closer.

    But leaving SD has to ultra hard for you!!!!!! GORGEOUS!

  4. Simi, you are crazy beautiful. Do you know that? you and your honey make a cute couple. :)