Wednesday, March 23, 2011

5 Celebrity crushes

Good Morning!  I am doing a 30 day challenge (it's not so much 30 days anymore, but I'm posting on most topics). Since I've been posting some about me and my life, I thought I'd change it up a little bit and do #23- 5 celeb guys I find attractive.  This shouldn't be that hard right, but I couldn't come up with a 5th one for some reason!  For now- I'm doing 4 :) Here we go, in no particular order except for #1.

#1. Johnny Depp

I have been "in love" with him since his 21 jump street/ Halloween days.  I still want him to be the father of my children lol.  Yes, I'd take him even as Captain Jack Sparrow.  He's truly talented and my favorite actor, obviously very dreamy.  I feel like a 13 year old girl when I see him.  Am I the only one?  Friends tell me he's too scruffy now and looks horrible.  I don't care! I love his mysteriousness quiet sexy self ;)

#2.  Gerard Butler
I fell in love with him watching 300 and all of his other movies!  I watch his movies over and over because he's so easy on the eyes.  Very attractive!

3. Bradley Cooper

I think it's his piercing blue eyes is what got me hooked and I am attracted to him.

#4. Hyden Christensen
He's so dreamy and had me from his Star Wars days ;)

for #5 I know I can easily pick Brad Pitt, Shemar Moore, Mathew McConaughey and the list goes on, but I'm not drooling all over them like how I am with my 4 choices.  I feel like a little girl again with a mad crush. 

Do you think any of them are attractive?

Who are your celebrity crushes?


  1. mmmm...Gerard Butler...he's kinda mine. so sorry! haha! ;)

  2. Oh Johnny Depp is one of mine! Hey where Jacob or Edward on here?!! lol! Yes I love the twilight series! I say its a tie, they are both hot!

  3. I think Bradley Cooper is really cute but my heart belongs to Jesse Metcalfe!

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