Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's try this again

This is going to be my 2nd attempt at blogging.  The first one I started was going so well, I posted a lot and actually had more than 1 person read me!  This time around I am committed and willing to keep up and share my life.  Being just a reader isn't fun, I don't get invited to meet up, I hardly get any replies, etc... so I'm jumping on the wagon one more time.
What's going on with my life?  Now that I've had so many awesome milestones lately, I plan on writing about them.  Half marathons, MARATHON, more races, eats, love, life, work, working out, being lazy, friends, fashion, Hello Kitty, cute stuff and random crap.
This is the 2nd week of being a wanna be vegetarian, I cheated on Saturday with friends, ehh big deal.  I feel awesome and I don't miss meat!!! WTF who am I?!?  I'm a hard core
Carnivore and love me some burgers, but I don't miss or crave them anymore!  Maybe because I've been subbing sweets and other junk.  It's time to "try" and eliminate that junk 90% of the time.  Anywho...
This is what happened with me on Sunday.

I bought this super cute friend from TargeT <3

 Had a yummy veggie and Avocado Salad

 Did some meal planning for the week (I love doing this! anyone else a weirdo like me??)

 oh and this stuff is awesome, who needs dressing!?

Snacked on one of my favorite things- Apple slices with Almond Butter yummmm

AND Made these awesome Chocolate Peanut Butter muffins a la I brought some to work and everyone loved them!

I'm off from work now, time to head on home, maybe work out (I injured my ankle/foot from this mornings run) and try and fix this blog.  It's Valentine's day, but the bf and I will be celebrating this weekend.  Tonight is just too crowded. Be back later with more stuff, I'm so glad I'm doing this again!

Check out this super cute frame my BFF Steph got me- It's so me since I'm on twitter 24/7 ha!

Lunch was a veggie and avocado wrap with berries on the side. I ♥ Avocados!

Happy Valentines day!!!



  1. I am in love with avocados, too! I will read your blog!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope your ankle and foot feel better STAT! =)

  2. LOL what a cute frame!!!!! and i think you have a bad obsession with pens! do you use all of those??!?!?

  3. Girl I am loving this new blog! So cute! Love all the pictures. :)