Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hearts n stuff

Last night was fun (for me at least).  The bf and I ended up getting some errands done and I just had to make a quick stop @ Target!  I've been waiting all month to get these after vday because I knew they would be on sale!

Other items were purchased also and my bf thought I was insane. Come on' I'm a girl who loves stuff like this and always will :)
I didn't get a chance to do much last night, but I did cook up a yummy veggie stir fry for myself.  The bf wanted a Sonic cheeseburger and I joined him.  I didn't have anything which is a freaking miracle because Fast food is was my thing and their burgers are yum! They also have their new red velvet cheesecake blast, when I heard about it my heart skipped a beat, but I told myself I'd have to wait until the weekend to splurge on 1 thing.  That has been my chose item, it better be worth it!!! I have a very busy day today and tomorrow it's exciting I can't wait.  I'm off to lunch with the co-workers, we'll see how it goes.  It's an all you can eat prime rib buffet and I'm scared.  I hardly go out with friends here so I said yes and was told they have veggies.  I'm hope they have more options than just meat, I'll load up on veggies and if I have to a small piece of meat.  God only knows how my stomach will feel later ekkkk.

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